A brand is so much more than a logo, don’t you think?
What does your organisations’ logo say about you?
Is it a picture that you haven’t really thought about or is it a brand?
What do I mean by a brand…? let me explain.
When the logo of an organisation aligns to the brand it acts as a powerful symbol.
That symbol tells an honest story about the organisations values and the values of the people in that organisation.
The whole team know the story behind the symbol.
They buy into it, they live the values it represents. It is a symbol of how they feel.
A logo is a picture. A brand identity symbolises so much more. It causes a team to swell with pride. It is inspiring.
Customers can feel that.
Customers know that they’re dealing with an organisation that stands for something.
Customers can buy into that symbolism. It is relevant to them.
When I create a brand I make it relevant. I engage with the team of an organisation and uncover their truths.
It is a joy to create brands that have relevance.

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