How can young people awaken their purpose, passion, and skills?

Our Client

Seas Your Future (SYF) is, as a result of our brand work, the trading name of the charity Adventure Under Sail (AUS). Its principle strategic aims are:

“….to educate young people, through the provision of sailing or sailing related activities and other training and so as to develop their physical, mental, and social capabilities so that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society and their conditions of life may be improved”.

The charity operates Pelican of London primarily as a sail training vessel for young people, and its programmes promote personal growth through Sail Training, Marine Career options and Ocean Science and environmental conservation activities.

Why a rebrand?

As a result of its organic growth, the Charity had a confused brand identity. It had three brand logos and lots of repetition, language styles and mixed messaging about its purpose on its website. The aims of a rebrand were to:

  • Provide brand clarity through the creation of a ‘Hero’ brand and a sub-brand
  • Re-design the website for accessibility by its users
  • Establish clarity on brand personality and language for marketing purposes
  • Raise the profile of the Charity and its programmes
  • Attract more clients, donors and sponsors to generate more income to channel back into youth sail training, maritime careers and ocean science initiatives

How and What we created

Lamerton Creative put together a small, focused team who all hold the same position on Brand Marketing and Design which is: Businesses do not own their brands, their Customers do! Our team was made up of Carl Lamerton, the Creative Designer focusing on imagery, associates working on copy and language, and a website service creating a new site. We employed our customer-centric approach to brand development which involves getting under the skin of a brand and what it means to their customers so that brand images, and marketing copy and collateral resonate with the audience and clients attracted to the purpose. In this case, promoting transformational personal growth and employability through sailing and marine activity. Our process included:

  • Workshops with key SYF stakeholders
  • Customer and market analysis
  • Persona development to inform CX, UX and IX for the new website and social media outlets
  • Client interaction as images and language was developed
  • Interactive website development
  • The creation of images for the Hero brand for Seas Your Future and the sub-brand Pelican of London
  • Development of messaging for language and copy for marketing collateral
  • Roll out of new website and new logos and approach to Social Media Comms

Impact of the rebrand

Please see Seas Your Future for the brand story included on the website. Everyone involved in the charity now has clarity about the brand and consistent images and language to use in all their comms. The brand work was, within 48 hours of launch, liked by over 5000 visitors to the Pelican of London Facebook page, and we received 5 applicants in 3 days for ambassador roles that were advertised when the brand was launched. We are tracking uptake of training courses over the coming 12 months, taking into account both the brand change and COVID impacts.

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