In 2011, Lamerton Creative was approached by the founders of a bold new start up with a vision to create a world-leading, scalable and customisable behaviour change platform that would incentivise people to improve their behaviour in three key areas: Sustainability, the Environment and Health & Wellbeing.    This new vision would provide behavioural change services to a wide range of UK and international city and community councils, health care bodies, transport/airport, retailers and corporate audiences, each of which had a concern to improve and benefit the lives of their residents, visitors or employees.   Uniquely, all of the audiences involved in a local BetterPoints programme would naturally work together and benefit from the ability to combine their own bespoke user experiences together for a greater good in the community.

Based upon this vision, Carl Lamerton worked with the founders to develop a brand concept called a “Gathering Betterment” that would express each individual participant but demonstrate the power of working together in a city or community.   Carl then created the BetterPoints corporate icon which has, after a decade, become very well known and understood and has been established as a leading brand in the behavioural change sector in the UK, EU, North America and as far as Australasia.  The BetterPoints identity is embedded into its successful App as well as into co-branded or white-label identities of the BetterPoints client base.

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