How can fisheries support ocean sustainability?

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Verumar is led by NLA International and delivered collaboratively with expert consortium member companies.

Verumar aims to complement and enhance governments’ efforts to conserve and sustainably use their seas and marine resources, in line with UN Sustainable Development Goal 14. This is achieved by working alongside fisheries departments and other stakeholders to scope, design and introduce new satellite-enabled system capabilities to support fisheries management and enforcement activities.

Benefits include:

  • Improved safety, security and economic productivity for fisherfolk.
  • Improved institutional capacity for monitoring and enforcement, based on up-to-date threat analysis and a library of temporal and spatial intelligence reports.
  • Near-term socio-economic benefits to the national economy from reducing illegal fishing unregulated and unreported fishing.
  • Long-term improvement in the national interest for extraction of protein source from the sea to feed a growing population.

Why a rebrand?

Prior to this rebrand, Verumar was Situational Awareness Fisheries Management (SAFM), a name descriptive of the project the team were working on in the Philippines. Due to the success of the Philippines project, it became apparent that the same operating model could be applied to many areas of the marine and maritime business world, so the team decided to rebadge SAFM for marketing purposes with the aim of offering its services to a wider audience in more countries.

The team wanted a new brand with a new name and identity to use in marketing itself which would give clients confidence. It needed to represent the expertise, knowledge and understanding of the fisheries sector, and the collaborative operating model of working effectively with technology partners to deliver the ‘client’ requirements to make them successful.

How and What we created

Lamerton Creative employed our customer-centric approach to brand development which involves working closely with the Verumar team and getting under the skin of a brand and what it means to their customers so that brand imagery resonated with the audience and clients attracted to the purpose.

Our process included:

  • Workshops with key Verumar stakeholders to decide on a name and identify themes for imagery development
  • Agreement on a new brand name
  • The creation of images for the brand Verumar
  • Roll out of new website with a new design and new logos

The two key areas that were constant in the workshops were that Verumar has expertise in maritime and Marine environments, and in fisheries management. The blue economy is the focus sector and the area of expertise. So, we created a versatile brand for a business that has trusted partners who are professional experts in the maritime/marine world. A company that:

  • is knowledge and experience led
  • brings expertise, technology and innovation to maritime domain awareness making it more accessible for developing nations
  • helps new BE nations to develop better capabilities to manage their sea-space
  • gathers data, considers it, analyses it, interprets it, understands it and shares that understanding to aid decision making
  • has a process for identifying data sources, establishing them, gathering the data and fusing it to get the best picture of what is going on
  • has respected trusted partners who are collaborative professional experts

We created a name with a sense of strength, depth and ownership of confidence and authority, and a brand image that represents the blue economy, and the collaborative approach to working with partners to achieve goals. A website resulted, along with a company brochure that both resonate the brand identity.

We continue to work with Verumar as they iterate their website and after the initial rebrand and website launch, we designed and created ‘news’ pages for the website.

Impact of the rebrand

The launch webinar was attended by leading players in the blue economy sector, government officials and donors and the whitepaper has been downloaded by more than 250 people.

The website and news information has been used in business development and opened doors to government and industry in 2 more countries in the ASEAN region within 3 months.

The new Verumar brand has also drawn the attention of funders of projects focused on fisheries, UN SDGs, sustainability, combating climate change, and gender balance in the blue economy workplace.

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